PhD Theoogy

Starts from: May 13, 2023
Campus Location

879 W 190th St Suite 400,Gardena,CA,United States

Course Feature
  • Course Code PHDTHEOL142
  • Duration 3 - 4 Years
  • Course Type Postgraduate
  • Campus Main Campus
  • Min Qualification BA Undergraduate
Class Description

The Doctor of Theology program is an advanced postgraduate degree designed for individuals seeking to engage in rigorous theological research, scholarship, and leadership within the Christian community. This program offers an in-depth exploration of theological disciplines, providing students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to make significant contributions to the field of theology through original research, teaching, publication, and ministry.

Course Objectives:

1. Advanced Theological Disciplines:
– Engage in advanced study of systematic theology, biblical studies, historical theology, and other specialized areas within theology.
– Explore cutting-edge theological debates, theories, and developments.
– Develop a comprehensive understanding of theological disciplines and their relevance to contemporary theological discourse.

2. Research Methodology and Scholarly Writing:
– Acquire advanced research skills, methodologies, and tools for theological inquiry.
– Learn to critically evaluate theological literature, primary sources, and secondary materials.
– Develop effective scholarly writing techniques and produce high-quality research papers and publications.

3. Specialization and Concentration:
– Choose a specific area of specialization within theology, such as biblical studies, ethics, historical theology, systematic theology, or a specific theological tradition.
– Engage in in-depth study and research in the chosen area, demonstrating advanced knowledge, critical analysis, and scholarly expertise.

4. Advanced Biblical Studies:
– Undertake advanced biblical research, textual analysis, and interpretation.
– Explore specialized areas of biblical studies, such as Old Testament studies, New Testament studies, biblical languages, hermeneutics, and textual criticism.
– Contribute to the field through original research that advances biblical scholarship and enriches theological understanding.

5. Theological Hermeneutics:
– Develop advanced skills in theological interpretation of Scripture.
– Explore diverse hermeneutical approaches, including historical, literary, cultural, and theological perspectives.
– Apply theological hermeneutics to contemporary issues, theological formulation, and pastoral practice.

6. Theology and Contemporary Contexts:
– Examine the interface between theology and contemporary social, cultural, and global contexts.
– Analyze theological responses to pressing issues such as pluralism, globalization, justice, ethics, science, and interfaith dialogue.
– Develop the ability to apply theological insights in addressing contemporary challenges and engaging in dialogue with diverse perspectives.

7. Dissertation and Defense:
– Undertake an extensive research project in the form of a doctoral dissertation.
– Conduct original research that contributes to the advancement of theological knowledge and scholarship.
– Successfully defend the dissertation before a faculty committee, demonstrating mastery of the chosen subject and research proficiency.

Course Duration and Format:

The Doctor of Theology program is typically designed as a three to five-year postgraduate program. It combines advanced coursework, independent research, scholarly writing, and dissertation preparation. Students may participate in seminars, research colloquia, individualized mentoring, and conferences to enhance their research skills and scholarly engagement.

Assessment Methods:

Assessment methods may include research papers, literature reviews, oral presentations, comprehensive examinations, research proposals, and the successful completion and defense of a doctoral dissertation. These assessments will evaluate students’ depth of theological knowledge, critical thinking skills, research abilities, and their ability to contribute to theological scholarship.


The Doctor of Theology program at The Shepherd’s House Christian University provides students with a rigorous and advanced theological education, preparing them for leadership roles in theological research, teaching, publication, and ministry. Through comprehensive study, specialized research, and scholarly engagement, graduates will make significant contributions to the field of theology, enriching theological understanding and impacting the Christian community and beyond.

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