PhD Christian Counseling

Starts from: May 13, 2023
Campus Location

879 W 190th St Suite 400,Gardena,CA,United States

Course Feature
  • Course Code CHCOUN123
  • Duration 3 Years
  • Course Type Postgraduate
  • Campus Main Campus
  • Min Qualification BA (Undergraduate)
Class Description

The Doctor of Christian Counseling program is a postgraduate degree designed for professionals seeking advanced training and specialization in the field of Christian counseling. This rigorous program integrates advanced psychological theories, biblical principles, theological insights, and clinical practice to prepare students for leadership roles in counseling, teaching, research, and supervision within a Christian counseling context.

Course Objectives:
1. Advanced Counseling Theory and Practice:
– Deepen understanding of counseling theories, approaches, and evidence-based practices.
– Develop advanced skills in assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and intervention.
– Enhance competencies in therapeutic techniques and interventions for diverse client populations.

2. Spiritual Formation and Integration:
– Explore advanced concepts of spirituality, faith development, and the integration of psychology and theology.
– Cultivate personal and spiritual growth, developing a deeper understanding of one’s own faith journey.
– Integrate faith and spirituality in the counseling process to address the spiritual dimensions of clients’ lives.

3. Advanced Clinical Issues:
– Specialize in addressing complex clinical issues such as trauma, addiction, severe mental illness, and crisis intervention.
– Gain expertise in working with specific populations, such as couples, families, children, adolescents, and older adults.
– Develop advanced skills in conducting assessments, formulating treatment plans, and implementing evidence-based interventions for complex cases.

4. Counseling Supervision and Consultation:
– Acquire knowledge and skills in clinical supervision and consultation within Christian counseling settings.
– Explore ethical considerations, best practices, and legal regulations related to counseling supervision.
– Learn effective strategies for providing supervision, mentoring, and professional development to counselors-in-training.

5. Research and Scholarship:
– Develop advanced research skills in designing and conducting empirical studies within the field of Christian counseling.
– Critically evaluate existing research literature and apply research findings to inform counseling practice.
– Contribute to the field through the development and dissemination of scholarly work, such as publications and presentations.

6. Leadership and Advocacy:
– Cultivate leadership skills to promote the advancement of Christian counseling in various contexts.
– Explore strategies for advocacy, policy development, and community engagement to address mental health needs.
– Gain an understanding of ethical and legal considerations in leadership roles within the counseling profession.

7. Dissertation:
– Undertake a substantial research project in the form of a dissertation under the guidance of a faculty advisor.
– Conduct original research that contributes to the body of knowledge in Christian counseling.
– Demonstrate scholarly research skills, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate research findings effectively.

Course Duration and Format:

The Doctor of Christian Counseling program is typically designed as a three to five-year postgraduate program. It combines coursework, clinical training, research, and dissertation preparation. Students may engage in a combination of in-person seminars, online courses, supervised practicum experiences, research seminars, and individualized mentoring.

Assessment Methods:

Assessment methods may include research papers, literature reviews, clinical case studies, presentations, comprehensive examinations, research proposals, and the successful completion and defense of a doctoral dissertation. These assessments will evaluate students’ depth of knowledge, critical thinking skills, clinical competencies, research abilities, and integration of faith and counseling practice.


The Doctor of Christian Counseling program at The Shepherd’s House Christian University offers a comprehensive and rigorous postgraduate education for professionals seeking advanced training in Christian counseling. Through the integration of advanced psychological theories, biblical principles, theological insights, and clinical practice, graduates will be equipped to make significant contributions as leaders, educators, researchers, and supervisors in the field.

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