Bachelor of Prophetic Ministry

Bachelor of Prophetic Ministry
Starts from: May 13, 2023
Campus Location

879 W 190th St Suite 400,Gardena,CA,United States

Course Feature
  • Course Code BAPMY123
  • Duration 2 years
  • Course Type Undergratuate
  • Campus Main Campus
  • Min Qualification Entry Level
Class Description

The Bachelor of Prophetic Ministry program at The Shepherd’s House Christian University is designed to equip students with a deeper understanding of prophetic ministry, its biblical foundations, and practical applications. This four-year program builds on the foundational knowledge and skills developed in the Associate of Prophetic Ministry program, offering a more advanced level of training for students seeking to serve as prophetic ministers in various ministry contexts.

Throughout the program, students will explore the biblical foundations of prophetic ministry in greater depth, studying the lives and teachings of biblical prophets, and their relevance for contemporary prophetic ministry. They will develop a deeper understanding of the nature of prophecy, including the various forms and functions of prophetic communication.

The course will also emphasize the spiritual disciplines and practices necessary for prophetic ministry, such as prayer, meditation, and discernment. Students will develop a greater sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, cultivating the ability to hear God’s voice and deliver prophetic messages with accuracy and clarity.

In addition to theological and spiritual training, the program will also focus on developing practical skills for prophetic ministry. Students will learn effective communication skills, including how to deliver prophetic messages in a way that is sensitive to the needs and contexts of their audience. They will also explore the use of various prophetic expressions, such as symbolic acts and artistic creativity.

The program will also address ethical and practical considerations related to prophetic ministry, including the importance of accountability, humility, and integrity. Students will examine issues related to the use of prophetic gifts in church and society and the role of prophetic ministry in bringing about social justice and transformation.

As with the Associate of Prophetic Ministry program, practical application is a key component of the program. Students will engage in practical exercises, prophetic activations, workshops, and supervised ministry experiences to apply their learning in real-world contexts. They will receive feedback, reflect on their prophetic encounters, and grow in their ministry effectiveness.

Assessment methods will include a combination of written assignments, examinations, practical demonstrations of prophetic ministry, reflection papers, and portfolio assessments. These assessments will evaluate students’ understanding of prophetic principles, ability to discern and deliver prophetic messages, integration of biblical knowledge, and personal character development aligned with the values of prophetic ministry.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Prophetic Ministry program, students will have a deep understanding of prophetic ministry, equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and character qualities to serve effectively in prophetic ministry roles within the church and beyond. Graduates will be prepared to impact lives, bring spiritual transformation, and contribute to the advancement of God’s Kingdom through their prophetic calling.

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